Are your providers using consistent criteria to assess patients? Are their monitoring practices customized by risk level? Do patients feel treated fairly? With GuideMed, the answer is yes.

Standardization alone reduces risk. While still supporting individual patient care, the organization finds protection in having everyone following the same standards of care.

  • Provider risk is reduced by following network standards
  • Network risk is reduced, because providers are all meeting the same standards
  • Patients are treated according to standards regardless of which provider they see in the network, therefore minimizing patient profiling and potentially detrimental dismissals

With GuideMed, having an outside agent manage the program adds yet another layer of protection for the organization.

We will collaborate with your organization to develop your network standards of care:

  • Monitoring protocols
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Risk assessments

We will then implement your standards for you, manage monitoring tasks, keep detailed records and provide reports using GuideMed software.