How it works

Design Phase

GuideMed is a flexible, customizable program. During the program design phase, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the details of the GuideMed monitoring and workflow, fit your organization’s. Our team will meet with your organization’s leaders to develop monitoring protocols and standards of care. We will discuss GuideMed Service Centers, an implementation timeline and plan for other needs.

Implementation Phase

In the implementation phase, patient service stations are established on-site or freestanding in locations determined by you, where GuideMed nurses will staff and manage the monitoring activities you chose. Continuing to keep your organization’s needs at the forefront, our team will meet with providers to introduce GuideMed and explain the program details. We will arrange training for providers and staff.
Once patient service stations are set-up and staff has completed training, a GuideMed nurse will begin performing monitoring activities based on your programmed design, determined during the set-up phase. After the GuideMed nurse gathers all necessary information, a report is prepared and sent to the patient’s physician via a PDF file attached to that patient’s record. The GuideMed nurse will alert providers to any unexpected findings immediately.

Management Phase

The PDF file is the physician’s proof that monitoring has been done. The physician always prescribes safely, knowing any monitoring has been done according to the organization’s protocols and recorded in the patient chart. Each patient goes through the same standardized monitoring process throughout the entire organization. No matter the office or physician they visit.
Need to show proof of monitoring activities to an outside auditor? As a GuideMed customer, you would call your GuideMed representative and let them know what data you need to show a compliance officer. GuideMed would pull that custom report for you, for the entire network or individual practices (depending on your needs), and supply a clear, detailed report to pass along. It’s really that simple.