GuideMED-Data Management

Data Management

Thorough monitoring generates a lot of data. How will you keep track of monitoring results? Let us do it for you with specially designed GuideMed software.

Electronic medical records systems are not currently designed to store prescription narcotics monitoring program data. They don’t store the results of a PDMP check or send a reminder when a patient is due to sign a new controlled substance agreement. They don’t provide a summary report of all monitoring activity that at-a-glance tells the provider their patient’s monitoring results were all ok or gave cause for further discussion.
GuideMed software was created specifically to store and report prescription narcotics monitoring data, and more.


GuideMed Software:

  • Stores all results from monitoring activity.
  • Alerts providers to patient noncompliance with treatment and testing protocols.
  • Assists in scheduling patient monitoring activities.
  • Tracks patient trends.
  • Provides detailed reports on outcomes resulting from the monitoring program.

GuideMed summary reports provide at-a-glance guidance for providers. Yellow caution and red flag icons indicate need for further investigation while green check marks signify acceptable results. Detailed prescription registry check, medication reconciliation and toxicology lab testing reports provide additional information.

The organization’s protocols will be followed and all activities will be documented consistently, so outcomes can be easily measured, tracked and reported.