Skilled providers’ time is valuable. When monitoring activities like PDMP checks, pill counts and risk assessments are managed by GuideMed nurses, providers have more time for more patients.

Monetary Costs

If your organization is already monitoring, or is going to monitor prescription narcotics use, there is a cost.

The organization can incur those costs by paying skilled providers and staff to spend their valuable time on monitoring tasks – time that could be spent caring for patients. The alternative would be to pay an experienced third-party partner to take care of the administrative work instead.

Opportunity Costs

We think skilled providers and staff should be able to focus on taking care of patients. Their time is valuable. Monitoring should be a tool for patient care, not a time-consuming administrative chore.

GuideMed will take care of the administrative activities included in monitoring such as patient risk assessments, prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) checks, pill counts and controlled substance agreements. Standards of care are followed and all activities are documented using GuideMed Software, so outcomes are easily measured, tracked and reported.

With GuideMed nurses managing the administrative tasks associated with monitoring, providers and staff can spend more of their time focused on patient care.