About GuideMed

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GuideMed® is a total solution, custom, turnkey, management program for prescription narcotics monitoring. Designed to help provider networks prevent prescription drug misuse, GuideMed helps protect the network and its practitioners from liabilities associated with prescription narcotics while also protecting patients from the effects of misuse.


Drug Abuse

The CDC named prescription narcotic abuse and diversion an epidemic in the United States.


As a result, both federal and state governments have begun to develop all new regulations governing the management of certain prescribed drugs, especially opioids.


Most of the new regulations center around patient monitoring in some combination of the following management activities:

  • Patient assessments (ORT, SOAPP, et. al.) and risk stratification
  • Controlled substance agreements
  • Checking state PDMP databases or “registries”
  • Regular toxicology testing (screen and confirm)
  • Pill counts

Hospitals and physician networks now face challenges to standardize monitoring programs organization-wide, to allocate resources for added tasks, to balance patient-provider relationships and to track and measure outcomes related to prescription narcotics use.